The Joy of a complaint

As most of you know I put together a book based on this blog and my experiences of menopause and basically just getting older.. The joy of Menopause my Arse.. and it was published in November. I was more than a little flattered that people bought it and gave it some pretty nice reviews on Amazon UK.

Fast forward to this week and I get a mail from Amazon dot com. Oh yes indeed, it seems someone in the good old USA decided my little book of rambling was offensive. Offensive me !! Well I never.

It seems the word ‘ARSE’ is a profanity, I kid you not. The word ‘ARSE’ it would appear is not good for customer relations. It was suggested that I change the name on the cover of the book as it might be more acceptable to readers in the USA.

I travel to the USA and I must tell you they’re a friendly bunch of people and do like me, occasionally swear, they use the word ASS and not ARSE, between you and me they just don’t have the accent for ARSE but I digress.

What am I to do, do I leave the word ARSE or I change it to make more even (yes I already sold some in the USA) more sales in the USA.

Well it’s a conundrum so it is.

Anyone got any ideas, the problem is what word do I use, I expect the word ASS would be equally offensive.

Shur lookit we all have one whether we call it an ARSE or ASS and the truth is mine needs addressing as it’s growing sideways, oh and the sagging, the only thing that’s hauling it up from behind my knees and keeping it in place, is the massive amount of lycra in my menopausal Knickers.

Please tell me does this offend ..

  1. Someone will always be offended by something, I wouldn’t change it. The people who don’t like it don’t have to buy it. (this coming from a woman in the throes of menopause so my response may be colored a bit by out of control hormones!)

    1. I think you’re right .. I’ll leave it.. if they don’t like the word arse they’ll not like me..

  2. Totally agree with Tracey above.The people who are offended are probably not your customer or your target audience. They also need to lighten up. There is so much content out there, all of it will offend SOMEONE. It’s a classic saying and part of what identifies your humour. It’s not like it’s a word which means something different in America, if it was causing confusion, then that would be different. If they’re offended by the word Arse, they’re probably not going to enjoy the rest of your book or be the sort of people you’d want at your book award party. It’s a good filter. KEEP IT! 😉

    1. Thank you my dear.. ‘Mericans have already bought it they were not offended.. so ‘my arse’ to the offended.. hope you’re keeping well..

    2. Exactly. What’s the phrase? Artistic Integrity! If you changed it, then it just wouldn’t be you. I possibly originally looked at your blog because it promised the word Arse! All good here thanks 😉

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