The Joy of an Autumn Wardrobe

Does everyone have a transitional wardrobe, well do they..

I have been subjected to some girlie TV earlier this week where three very tall and I might add skinny ‘young wans’ wittered on about ‘ones transitional wardrobe’. They then proceeded to traipse  out some options for ‘ones transitional wardrobe’

The first transitional piece for ‘ones wardrobe’ was a particularly beautiful long flowing dress in autumnal colours, as the skinny young wan glided down the runway the fabric moved and glided over tall statuteseque frame. ‘We could simply add a shrug or a shawl for the cooler evenings and in similar autumnal colour it would look fabliss on women of all ages from teens all the way to 50 something’

It’s October .. It’s Dublin .. It’s cooler all bloody day. No it’s COLD .. ‘Tis a fact



So I was hoping next up would be suitable not only for the Irish autumnal weather but maybe even suitable for a more mature lady lets say.

‘Option 2 for ones transitional wardrobe is this fablis skort from blah blah online. It’s so versotile it can be woornn with an aarraay of tops and blouses one could also team it up with some sparkly trainers or chunky heels’

Well out walked this poor young wan who was wrapped in a gold pleated skirt yoke, with a tee shirt pushed under the waistband and a denim jacket. God bless her she marched to the end of the cat walk shoved out her sparkly clad foot and marched back like she was on a protest march she was just missing a placard with ‘I feel like a twat in this get up’


Well this autumnal look wasn’t for me either, I say either cause I doubt it was for that poor model. So the third and final option for ‘ones wardrobe’ was about to be unleashed and I was breathless with anticipation.

‘And option no 3 for ones autumnal wardrobe are these fabliss cigarette pants and shirt from Blah Blah Blah these are always on trend as you can see I’ve teamed  them with some leopard print stilettos  simply to add some interest to this ensemble.

So out walked another tall and skinny young wan in cigarette pants, only we call them trousers, they were fabaliss so there were. A crisp blue tailored shirt with one side tucked inside the trousers and the other side hanging out, it looked like the model couldn’t decide if she wanted causal or formal. The leopard print shoes were ridiculously high and I sware  to god the young wobbled as she tried to strut down the cat walk.


‘So there you have it some great inspirational pieces for your transitional wardrobe so until next time.. take care’ Big grin into an even bigger microphone and she was gone.

So there I sat on my sofa confused and bemused by these young woman.

The truth is there was nothing stretchy offered, I need stretchy, especially as I sat watching on my sofa scoffing strawberry crumble as if Famine was about to be declared.

The truth is I’m not girlie and I have on occasion arrived on site looking like I got dressed off of a teenage boys bedroom floor. For several months builders debated whether I was a butch woman or a gay bloke.

So my solution to ones, well at least my transitional wardrobe is to add a cardigan, opaque tights and maybe at a push a turtle neck jumper.

The Joy of an Autumn Wardrobe







  1. So funny. My partner came home from work the other night and I felt the need to apologise that I looked like a Skater Boy, minus the baseball cap. I often go out looking like I got dressed in the dark, so I don’t think the transitional wardrobe is aimed at me. Good luck in those heels! 😉

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