The Joy of a Good Nights Sleep

As a designer it my job not only to make sure that your home is designed beautifully but also to make sure that your home works for you. So again with the day job I’m sharing a blog from my business site.

Hopefully it might help some of us mature ladies get a good nights sleep. I promise no talking about phones or pads. It’s all just design.

We’ve all been there .. the truth is we all need a good nights sleep but unfortunately it eludes us sometimes. From a Design point of view I can steer you the right direction to help you sleep a little bit better.

1. Invest in a bloody good mattress .. the best you can afford, it’ll be the best investment you can make for yourself. Be sure to try several beds in several stores. You’ll be spending a lot of time in bed, asleep, so you really do deserve the best.


bedroom blog 1
2. Bedding, but the best you can afford again. Take care of yourself by wrapping up in breathable cosy bed linen. Make sure the fabric you choose is not irritating to your skin. Layer you duvet, blankets and sheets to suit you and your room. From a design point of view I would also recommend using a neutral block colour bedlinen, I always use white, and build my scheme from there.

bed blog

3. Keep your Bedroom as tidy as possible. You’d be amazed at the difference this will make to you and your mood. It’s not easy to sleep when you’ve had to climb over stuff to get to your bed. Just make your bed every morning and tidy as you go. You’ll notice the difference .

bed blog2

4. Lighting. use bedside lamps, they’re ideal if you’re reading and will create a calming mood in your bedroom.

bedside table 3

Sleep well..




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