The Joy of Celebrity

‘Is it the scene where Nicole Kidman kisses me feet’ Barry keoghan asked Ryan Tubberity on Irelands  Late Late Show last Friday night.

These are words I never thought I hear this young man utter, after all I’ve know him since he was a  child in a buggy. Turns out he’s a celebrity, I’m not at all sure when this happened.


When I was a child in Shepherds Bush  London my uncles friends, my uncle was a teenager at the time, would gather at my grandmothers house. It was only when my gran brought me to see Oliver Twist did I know that Fagins Boys and the Artful Dodger were my uncles friends. I had not idea what celebrity was, or is, to be honest. I didn’t realise that the teenage girls following us, my uncle and me to get fish & chips were actually ‘fans’ this is something that amuses me to this day.

barry 5


People for some reason are impressed by celebrity, for the life of me I don’t know why. People who are instantly recognisable are no more or less important than you or me. They have talents that are different to ours, but being an artist of any kind is a job. Some are more successful than others, as in any profession.

My cousin, our fathers are brothers, she also decided to act, she did quite well. Her mother thought acting classes might help with her shyness, it did indeed. She played The Virgin Queen  in a BBC series, ’twas all a bit intense I thought. Actually she’s played everything from John Lennon’s mother to a suffragette with Meryl Streep.




People are impressed by  ‘celebrities’ for example I was asked if I was really related to a celebrity.

‘What’s it like to be related to James McAvoy’

‘I’m not,  I’m related to Ann Marie Duff’

‘But she’s  married to him’

‘Not any more’

‘Oh tell me, what really happened’

Why would anyone ask such a question,  I don’t for the life of me get it. Celebrities are very bloody ordinary people like the rest of us. They are us.

I’ll give you an example of celebrity, last Friday morning my 85 year old aunt went to have her hair ‘set’ for the Late Late Show. She got her good frock out and let her granddaughter try to put make up her.

‘Ahh Jaysus I look like a Shaggin corpse’

The truth is she did, black eyeliner and false eyelashes  don’t  look well on 85 year olds with perfectly white set hair.

‘Take it off me’ she demanded. We tried, but it’s difficult when you’re falling about the place laughing. The truth is we all wanted her to look her best.

She arrived in the studio and the ‘professionals’ looked after her and she beamed with pride as she told the nation how much she loved her grandson. He beamed back with all the love a grandson has for a woman who raised him.

barry keoghan


Take it from me Family is real, the life we experiece with one another is real.  Love is real whether it’s for the matrearch or the artist and all inbetween.

Celebrity is not real, Talent is real, Family is real.

The joy of real talent.




    1. I find it hard to think about him as a celebrity .. he’s spending more time in the States these days.. he’s on the front of GQ magazine this month I think..

    2. Oh my! Yep definitely celeb! Loved it when a friend was talking about the film with Nicole Kidman in and she said Barry was excellent in it. He really is getting some great parts to play.

    3. American Animals is the next one out.. it’s about a heist ..
      Auntie Pat refuses to watch him in anything saucy ..

    4. I’ve seen the trailer will definitely be watching looks great! Haha well she must’ve struggled with the ‘Nicole Kidman kissing my feet’ bit on the late late show 😂

  1. ‘Turns out he’s a celebrity, I’m not at all sure when this happened.’ and ‘He’s also the face of Dior, forgot to mention that.’ Love how you are totally unfazed by his celebrity status. Because I live under a rock, I have to confess to not knowing who he is! Wishing him continued success and, as you say, at least his fame is based on talent. Sounds like he is surrounded by grounded family and indeed, only real life is real.

    1. He’s a good kid.. He was doing a lot of Irish film stuff then Dunkirk and it sorta exploded from there.. but I suppose since I was a kid and my family.. not me.. were involved in the arts ..

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