The Joy of being a College Project

It would appear that I am a college project for my teenage son, ’tis a fact. He’s changed his course this year to study business and marketing and I’m of the opinion that I’m his current project.

It all started about a month ago ‘You should do vlogs to go along with your blogs’ sez he all concerned like.

‘Vlogs ?’ sez I, this was a new word to me

‘Yeah it’s like a blog movie, people prefer to watch and listen rather than read’

‘They do ?’ this was a genuine question

‘Yeah everyone is doing it, it’s the future’

‘Listen sweetheart I’m not at all sure that anyone would want to listen to me rant on about menopause, weight gain, bra fittings and layered clothing, these women are the ‘reading generation’ so they are’

‘Shur I’ll help ya it’s not a problem’

So some time before Christmas I did a couple of Vlogs, I posted them on here. Christmas decorating you may have seen them.

I thought I did an Ok job as I’d never done anything like this before.


blog vlog

‘What do you think’ I presented them to my son.

‘Well’ squinting at my phone. ‘Is that you behind the glasses and the jumper and is that a giant scarf’


‘Why ?’

‘Well it’s obvious I don’t like seeing or hearing myself’

Then he said it, ‘Get over yourself woman’ that’s what he said to me his mother ‘Get over yourself’

‘Excuse me’ I was aghast so I was.. Aghast

He made me sit in the living room and look at my phone.

‘Just talk like you’re talking to anyone’

‘It’s a phone with nobody on the other end’

‘Just look at it and talk’

‘Ok Ok Ok’

So I chatted to the camera and rambled on and on, he showed me how to edit properly on some free ap.

‘We’ll put it all up on YouTube and compare the views to the first vlogs and you’ll see the difference’

‘Oh Ok’ sez I a tad confused as they went up on the blogs why do we need YouTube

‘Traffic’ sez he ‘we need to get traffic on the websites’

‘But the menopause blog is just me engaging with other women and I enjoy rambling’

‘eCommerce’ sez he

‘Oh for the love of all that’s holy’

‘You have a store on there’

‘Yeah, it’s just for girlie bits, ya know what a woman of a certain age would like, nothing expensive’  I was almost apologising

‘That’s ecommerce’

Well I never I’m running an eCommerce site and I’d no clue, actually two I have one on my day job website too.

‘Right we need to increase traffic to both sites and increase profits monthly’

‘We do ?’

‘We Do’ he was all business like ‘You need to continue vloging, look you’re real friendly at it’

‘I sound like a posh old dear, I’m just missing the pearls’

‘You’re engaging’ he declared

‘I am ?’

‘You are, I was showing your vlogs to my lecturer and he says you’re great, better than most of those gobshites on YouTube, he says your friendly and engaging and we just need to harness that to grow the blogs’

‘Just hold on a pair of minutes young man.. your lecturer, you showed my videos to your lecturer’

‘Vlogs they’re vlogs and yes’

‘I’m a bloody college project’ I declared

’emm’ he was rummaging for words

‘So if you could ask people to like and subscribe at the end of your vlogs that’s be just great’ he managed

‘A college project’ I was in disbelief  ‘I’m a bloody college project’

The truth is I’m flattered, but please don’t tell him, I got to spend some time with him even though he doesn’t like interior design he chatted about my projects and he even managed not to recoil in horror when I mentioned menopause.

His older brother helped me set up cameras and phones when I required help, I needed my vlogs to be viewable at least.

The Joy of Being a College project




  1. Haha… very cute!
    I haven’t heard the term ‘vlogs’ either, although I do have a youtube account and have created a few ‘vlogs’ over the past year, it is all a bit daunting and definitely new age…
    All the best with it all… Your son sounds gorgeous, by the way… 🙂

    1. He is but I’m his I think so..
      It is daunting.. I’m hoping it gets easier .. what do you vlog about ..
      Thanks for reading btw..

    2. I’ll check it now..
      It didn’t sound like an ad at all..
      I hate watching it back.. I’d happily sit and type but he tells me this is what I have to do..

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