The Joy of Cleaning House

So it’s not a joy, but we can make it easier on ourselves. I’m not one of life’s naturally tidy people, so I discovered a little and often works for me.

This video is on my work website and I decided to share it on here, hopefully some of you might find it helpful.

Well that’s not flattering now is it..


  1. Your vent hood is so nice! Your voice is nice! Your face is so nice! Your body, yowza! Maybe I should do laundry everyday, it does grow at a ridiculous rate, I just have it on my weekly chore list and though that mountains of bedding, towels, and clothes was the status quo lol

    1. Oh Lord Denise I’ve got a house full of sports men.. I’d have a mountain of laundry if I did it once a week..

    1. Cheers I laughed out loud..
      being a woman of a certain age I find napping happens all the time..

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