The Joy of a Scented Candle

I have a confession to make, brace yourselves, I love domesticity. In fact sometimes I refer to myself as a ‘Domestic Goddess’ oddly when I do this nobody else here agrees.

When winter kicks in I light fires and bake, I love to bake and cook for that matter. There is nothing nicer than coming home to a warm cosy home with the aroma of baking and coffee. It embraces the soul and feeds the body, sometimes it feeds the body rather fattening cake. but in all fairness the body can be covered up by layers of rather large jumpers. I have several in various colours.


On a recent expedition into a rather posh department store in Dublin I found myself in the centre of a scented candles and diffuser display. The scents filled the air around me and I instantly felt clam, which was a bloody good achievement as I was surrounded by chaos and thousands of Chinese tourists, all being rather loud and abrasive.

Now being a girl I like the an awl scented candle or two. So I’ll have some that I thought to myself. A scented candle or two would add to the aromas in my home.  Problem was I had to elbow my way through a throng of Chinese tourists to get to the very ornate glass counter, which was manned by some very posh young wans.

Having made it to counter I was confronted by posh young wan, who suggested a lavender and jasmine candle .. ‘Ideal for stress madam’ I bloody hate when they call me madam.

Stress was right,  it cost €36.00 for a candle, but not a jot did I care about the cost as long as it smelled nice and had a calming effect. It woud add a welcoming feeling to my livingroom.

Having returned home with posh candle in hand I couldn’t wait to light it up and fill my home with it’s magical effects. Or so I thought.


meno blog candles 1

‘Is that cat wee I smell’ himself asked on his return from work

‘Cat pee’ sez I a bit confused

‘That smell it’s awful what the hell is it’ his face was all contorted as though someone was torturing the inside of his nose.

‘It’s a scented candle’

‘Cat pee scent’

I was far from impressed with his reaction, ‘Jasmin and lavander’ sez I

‘Well a cat’s peed on the lavender’ his nose still contorted

‘€36 it cost’

‘Robbed you were’

I could bring it back and explain to the posh shop assistant that my husband thought it was scented with cat pee, but I feared that she would judge him and me for that matter, judge us for having poor taste, after all a thousand chinese tourists can’t be wrong. Or maybe they can.

It seems I may have failed at my ‘Domestic goddess’ duties my home no longer smelled of baking or burning logs, oh no, now it smelled of cat pee and shame.

The Joy of a Scented Candle.




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  1. Men! I love a scented candle too. Hubs sometimes buys me one for crimbo – so he chooses the smell. It might smell like cat pee, but it’s his choice of cat pee so that’s ok!

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