The Joy of Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving it seems, well ’tis in ‘Merica. However it seems now, thanks in no small part to social media, Thanksgiving is celebrated worldwide. It’s not a bad thing to be fair, just to stop for a moment to appreciate and be thankful for what we have.

thanksgiving 1

However being an American celebration, well, let’s just say that ‘Mericans go a bit ‘Hallmark’ so they do. They’re thankful for absolutely everything. They are a grateful nation, I have ‘Merican family and friends and I can say this absolute certainty they are a nation that is both grateful and generous. This has been my experience and I in turn am so very greatful to have all of them in my life.


But, I am a European, and as such I am not as grateful as my ‘Merican friends for the simple things in life. It, of course goes without saying that I’m greatful for my family, my sons, my home, oh no, it’s happened I’ve gone all ‘Hallmark’ that’s the influence those bloody ‘Mericans are having on me, making me all nice and greatful.


thanksgiving 2

But on a serious more sarcastic note, I am grateful that I can still manage my feral facial hair with a tweezers and have not had to resort to shaving daily.

I’m grateful for the lycra in M&S knickers, they prevent my arse from falling down around the back of my knees.

I’m grateful for deodorant, as I now sweat like a rugby player in a scrum without even leaving the sofa.

I’m grateful for support tights, that’s hose to my ‘Merican friends, support tights hold everything up and in and allow me to breathe.

I’m grateful for polo neck jumpers, turtle neck sweaters, if you’re ‘Merican, because they hide neck which is aging at a much quicker pace than the rest of my body.

I’m grateful for industrial bras, and the way they haul my double D’s into position and keep them there all day until I release them.

I’m grateful for stretchy jeans and the dance of the Cossacks.

I’m grateful to L’oreal for brown hair.

I’m grateful for sisters who laugh inanely with me over nothing at all.

Actually I’m just greatful.. even if I’m not ‘Merican.

The Joy of Thanksgiving.



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