The Joy of a Reddit Ban

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you’ll be aware that I started out complaining about the menopause. As you may recall I was looking for something that might shed some light on my situation, having scoured Amazon I could only find books with ‘uplifting titles’ ‘The wisdom of aging’ or my favourite ‘The Joy of Menopause’ what I needed was something  a tad more truthful than ‘The Joy of Menopause’ which as we like to say in Dublin is ‘Me Arse’ Because it’s not a pleasant time and for me, it was challenging as I started to notice everything in a negative light, yes I know I’m blaming the menopause. I do that.

The truth is this blog has given way for me have a vent about everything, not just the menopause. It’s given me the opportunity to share some aspects of my life with strangers, who, for some reason, mostly seem to be American. Or as we like to call you ‘Mericans’ several Scandinavians and some in the Uk and four in Ireland.

So it finally happened, my over sharing got me into trouble. I kid you not. Well last weeks blog got me into trouble. I got banned from Reddit because I offended (not a nudist) but some young wan in ‘Merica.

I’ve never been banned from anything or any where in my life. This was so cool, I felt like a rebel, I felt tough, I felt defiant. But the truth was I was not obstreperous or tough, I was a 50 something woman living in Dublin, getting banned from an over 50 subreddit.

‘You’ve have been banned from this subreddit for one month’ that’s what I got in my mail box, it was signed ‘moderator’

ME banned .. WTF.. why..

meno blog

‘I’d rather like an explanation for my ban, if I’ve offended anyone in any way I’d like to apologise’ between you and me I was shocked so I was. Shocked.

‘One of our subscribers was offended by an article you linked on this page and has made a formal complaint.

A formal complaint, made against me and a ban, well I never, my sons were going to bloody love this.

I must confess I was feeling rather pleased with myself, I wasn’t sure many people read my blog, never mind having it offend them so much that they’d complain.

‘I’d like to ‘formally’ apologise for any offense I’ve caused’   now before you say anything  I realise this not fitting with my new status as a rebellious 50 something menopausal woman. But I thought I should at least offer an apology.

Well I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next. The moderator  sent me what I can only assume was a copy of a review of the  ‘offending blog’

In my opinion the lady who wrote this blog is an asshole. (‘Merican obviously) she thinks she’s hilariously funny (I don’t) she’s not (I know) Actually this blog along with her other blogs are in my opinion vapid. Have no substance and only show her to be ugly inside and out. She offers opinions on a fetish (is nudism a fetish ?) she does not understand. She thinks she’s being funny ridiculing people’s bodies. (I ridicule myself all the time)  I find her and her blogs offensive.

meno gif 2

Well this was a great shock to me. Vapid.. really. Two geriatrics up a Welsh mountain in the nip in October was no laughing matter. It was ridiculous. However that’s only my opinion.

As for ugly inside and out. I’m working on the outside. The inside I’m afraid you’ll all have to decide for yourselves. However I have been known to scare the bejasus out of myself when I catch sight of myself in my undies. One of theses days the shock might kill me.

I thanked the modorator  and asked if I could respond to this ‘merican lady.

The result. You’ve been banned from communicating with any  modorators for 72 hours.




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shopify necklace 1

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  1. Hay girl hay!!! You have undergone a blogging Rite of Passage! Yay! Some reader shared one of my posts on reddit ( it was about my favorite mascara) and 176 people from reddit showed up to tell me that i was an unfunny piece of shit who needed to die/get raped/have my house burned to the ground, etc. Yea….it was a post about makeup, very controversial.

    I saw a man yelling at a sign for “2 for 1 squash” in the grocery store a few weeks ago. And I thought. “this guy must be a redditor” lol

    You are hilarious, and delightful, and your blog is one of my favorites. Keep writing mama!

    1. Oh dear god, what’s wrong with people.. that’s so unpleasant .. I don’t get it.

      The moderator wasn’t a barrel of laughs either.. I cant speak to him for 72 hours..

      Hope you’re keeping well sweetheart ..

    2. Likewise Denise! I always feel bad when for writers during their first negativity onslaught. I was a freaking mess for like….3 days…ok ok 6! I would say “Who are these monsters!” every few minutes lol You are handling it much better than I did!

    3. Well .. truth is I was shocked .. she was a tad unkind ..
      I love this place and I love wittering on about my fairly boring life.. now I’ve been banned I’m bad ass..

  2. I’m being very nosey and looking at your site now.. I do a blog sometimes on’ home envy’ would it be cheeky to ask if I can use some pics from your site.. The house in Washington is absolutely beautiful.

  3. The cheek of that one, she obviously knows nothing about the off button, she has a choice not to read it. I’m fed up with people who feel the need to complain all the time. She need to get a life, it all just a bit of fun. 😁

    1. I had that very word tattooed just before my 50th birthday last year. Twice. 😉 I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog, have a feeling I’m gonna love it!

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