The Joy of Paris 

This week I’m blogging from Paris, my favourite city in Europe. Now for all you Americans who think I’m very far from home Paris is only just over an hour from Dublin.
And I must confess that do avail of cheap flights to get here ..
When my sons were younger we’d spend most summers here in France, they disliked the heat of southern Spain and North Africa so we holidayed in rural France for years.
In the last decade or so we’ve all been coming to Paris, every year sometimes twice a year. My sons have introduced me to Parisian football and rugby teams. I’ve ended up in stadiums watching the French national rugby team. Yes indeed my boys love sport.
In recent years I’ve spent time with my sisters in Paris. I thought I’d introduce them to the absolute joy that is Paris. The food. The fashion. The simplicity and sophistication that is the French .
I arrived here on Thursday with my sister and we sat in a coffee shop in Marne la Vallee watching the French work at being French.
‘How come’ sez my sister pointing at me with a chocolate eclair.

‘That French women don’t get fat eating like this and we do’
‘Cause they’re French’ I offered as way of an explanation.
‘Is that a fact’ sez she as the eclair disappeared.
‘Ah they walk everywhere’

‘Ahh that must be it’ she mused ..not sure she believed me mind you.
‘How come’ sez she again ‘ that they’re all so feckin glamorous’
‘Ah shur we could be fabliss too’ I reassured her..
So our mission this week was to live like a Parisian, after all only a Parisian could make a plain shift dress look glamorous. Only a Parisian could make a simple bob hair style look sophisticated.
Only the French could make a rubber hand bag look bloody gorgeous. Yes it’s a rubber handbag with some faux fur.

Who knew rubber could look so amazing and yes I did buy.

‘They have a different way of looking at life’ I told her
‘Yeah, such as’
‘They consider the who beauty routine a proper routine, they pamper themselves all the time .. ,that’s why they’re fabliss and well we’re not’
‘Speak for yourself’ sez she
‘It’s true, they don’t eat half fat foods, they drink wine and don’t have wine bellies’
The awful truth was when I sit crossed legged on my bed I too have a belly like Buddha, it’s not a pretty sight. But they may have something to do with the kilo of blue cheese I consumed in a day.
We decided on a plan to embark on a French beauty routine. We made our way to Sophera and see what ‘French beauty tips’ we could pick up. We examined every face mask, eye mask, lip mask and neck mask. We watched what other women were buying and followed suit. But we decided to go one better than face, eye, lip and neck masks we decided on the full works, we bought feet and hand masks.
The women of Paris have no need to worry about the invasion on Irish beauty for I feel we may have failed to obtain the flawless finish of ‘The Parisian Woman’

We’re here for another few days, we’ll shop, we’ll eat cake and drink coffee and report back next week on our achievements.
Yes it’s me.. We may have failed as Parisian women.



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  1. I loved your post. Learning something about somewhere I’ve never been, while laughing with someone easily makes you feel like one of the girls. 😉 Thanks for the journey!
    Praying you and your sister have a blessed rest of your holiday!

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